Thursday, July 21, 2011

All summer drinking water trying to keep your eyes dry

  (Macy's necklace, Cherish shirt)

This is a necklace I received as a birthday gift this year from some of my favorite cousins, the Roxas'. I don't know the brand, but I believe it came from Macy's. When I saw this I thought the only way I can pull this off are with solid t-shirts, which would be a problem because I don't own any solid shirts. But I never leave an accessory unused, so I had to find a way! I decided to go with a tribal theme (a big summer trend) and pair it with my brown shirt from a cosignment store. I think the turquoise compliments the brown well :)

Inspiration of the day: If you're wondering about my nails, they are water marble-colored! I wish I had taken a better picture of them unchipped and all. I only have a blurry picture of one hand, taken from my crappy not-so-smart phone. You can find tutorials all over youtube, but my favorite one is off Refinery29. Good luck if you try these out. These were a real b!tch to make. Excuse my language.

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xoxo mafia RUBY


  1. Thank you for your lovely comment :))
    Love these jelewery :))


  2. lovely necklaces!!!
    Come follow my blog hun!

  3. pretty necklace !
    my outfits and life in Belgium