Friday, August 5, 2011

Screaming in the dark, I howl when we're apart

 (Foreign Exchange shirt, F21 jeans, Windsor bracelet, Modcloth ring, bf ring, DbDk heels)

I bought this white shirt just a couple days ago :D I love the black string/fringe dangling off the sides. My black pants look so faded, I didn't even realize it until I took these pictures. Looks like I need to buy a new pair, drag. I paired this shirt with my chain bracelet, rings, and some black strapped heels. Do you think I can pull this off for both day and night time?

Inspiration of the day: One of my favorite bloggers on this huge inter web is Andy from StyleScrapbook. And this look is just absolute amazing! Sheer shirts are my favorite type of fabric to wear. And the color! It's gray with a hint of purple. Does anybody else see it?! I'm so jelly of this outfit!

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xoxo mafiaRUBY

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I've been through a desert on a horse with no name

(Windsor bracelet, F21 shirt, Levi jeans)

I do this bit every month where I splurge on one item or I buy something I would not normally buy because of the ridiculous price. In May, I wanted to splurge on a very expensive bracelet. But I could not find a very expensive bracelet. Haha. So I decided to just buy two over-priced bracelets. This is one of them, a 5-band chain bracelet from Windsor. I love the edgy and rocker vibe to it. It is very hard for me to pull it off because a lot of my clothes are girly. Haha. How do you think I've pulled this off? Does it work?

Inspiration of the day: Unfortunately, another great musician passed away. Dan Peek, singer of the hippiest band that I grew up with, America. My dad used to blast their music around the house when I was younger. When I grew older and had learned to play the guitar, my dad and I would jam to America's most popular song: Sister Golden Hair.

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xoxo mafiaRUBY

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Escaping nights without you with shadows on the wall

(F21 bodysuit, Anchor Blue jeans, Mom's old belt)

I have had this floral bodysuit for a long time now. I rarely use it because I get too self-conscious sometimes to wear something so form-fitting. Eee. Nonetheless, I love this top because of the scoop neckline AND back line. It makes me feel ... sexy and confident ;) For this outfit, I decided that I don't want my accessories to out stand my top. So I paired it with my mom's old brown belt and blue jeans. Very simple. Sorry for the blurry and awkward pictures.

Inspiration of the day: In memory of Amy Winehouse, the inspiration of the day will be her music. On my Facebook news feed there were rants going on saying that Amy Winehouse was not a legend, so who the fxck cares that she's dead? Hmm ... that makes me feel uneasy. I respect Winehouse as an artist WAY more than more popular artist out there (ahem, Miley Cyrus. VOMIT!). Now I won't say she's a legend, But she sure lived like the legendary rockstars. She truly was: Sex, drugs, and rock and roll! From her five time Grammy award winning album, Back To Black, I give you one of my favorite songs of Amy Winehouse:

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Mona Lisa you're guaranteed to run this town

(F21 Shirt, Cotton On Pants, Love Culture Boots)
So the item I want to show off on my blog today is my black Forever 21 shirt. I've had this for 6 months now. One thing that I don't like about Forever 21 is that their shirts always shrink on me! When I first bought this, it was very flowy and breezy. Now it's so snug! But I love the sequined design with soft flowers too much to not wear it.

I thought it would be nice to pair this with colored pants and add more sparkle to the attire by wearing rhinestone'd bracelets. I also wore these black ankle boots with rounded studs on the top brim. The shoes I'm not so fond of to complete the outfit. But oh well. I lack style, remember?

Inspiration of the day: I went to Comic-Con today! My first time ever and definitely not my last time! I loved seeing and meeting all these artist. One comic that really stood out to me (which I regret buying a copy of, waa!) was Blind Follies. Created by Sarah R. Straub, it's her version of Greek mythology. Her art is just amazingly beautiful. They are so flawless and breath taking. Also check out her blog called Geeks In Love for a cute laugh!

Below is just a quick picture of my time at Comic-Con 2011 with the Power Rangers! I'm still debating whether or not I should put more pictures on this blog. If you ask, I might do (: Hang ten!

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

All summer drinking water trying to keep your eyes dry

  (Macy's necklace, Cherish shirt)

This is a necklace I received as a birthday gift this year from some of my favorite cousins, the Roxas'. I don't know the brand, but I believe it came from Macy's. When I saw this I thought the only way I can pull this off are with solid t-shirts, which would be a problem because I don't own any solid shirts. But I never leave an accessory unused, so I had to find a way! I decided to go with a tribal theme (a big summer trend) and pair it with my brown shirt from a cosignment store. I think the turquoise compliments the brown well :)

Inspiration of the day: If you're wondering about my nails, they are water marble-colored! I wish I had taken a better picture of them unchipped and all. I only have a blurry picture of one hand, taken from my crappy not-so-smart phone. You can find tutorials all over youtube, but my favorite one is off Refinery29. Good luck if you try these out. These were a real b!tch to make. Excuse my language.

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